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TeleMate® Unified Call Management

The Future of Call Reporting

Migration to Voice over IP as a communication solution introduces complexities that leading switching manufacturers fail to address. TeleMate® Unified Call Management (UCM) provides immediate visibility into converged networks to ensure business-critical functions have the quality of service needed by revolutionizing traditional call reporting and accounting products.

With easy installation, one click upgrades, unprecedented reliability and scalability and the most cutting edge features and reporting controls, TeleMate UCM is the next generation of call reporting and call accounting. Fill out the form to schedule a demo!

The Next Generation of Call Accounting

In today's business world, a strong telecommunications infrastructure is a requirement. With it, comes an array of new challenges, information, and expenses. Network managers are challenged with determining whether their voice network is being utilized efficiently, in a cost-effective manner, and to capacity. TeleMate UCM assists with all of these areas by transforming cumbersome call and diagnostic information into easily interpretable form data. In turn, this data can be used in a number of ways: to minimize costs, to boost employee productivity, to manage network bandwidth/capacity, to tighten security, and to adhere to regulatory requirements.

Myth of VoIP Migrations

A migration from legacy TDM to VoIP communication services is rarely a smooth transition, as some switching manufacturers lead you to believe. Project coordinators often recognize during the deployment, and more often, post deployment, that their new system lacks the ability to provide immediate unified visibility into their investment. Leading manufacturers include simple tools for viewing basic calls activity, which barely provides the insight required to determine the health and wellness of the voice network, let alone support business functions such as Call Centers, Sales Forces, Human Resources, Premise-Based Security, and Emergency Services.

The Benefit of using TeleMate UCM for Call Reporting & Accounting

Legacy call accounting applications have basic call reporting functionality with limited feature sets, forcing network administrators to conform to dated standards. On the other hand, TeleMate UCM is recognized as beneficial because it not only meets traditional requirements, but also VoIP Class of Service, Quality of Service, and network security.

How is TeleMate different from legacy call reporting and call accounting?

First, TeleMate Collector Pro seamlessly collects and relays all call detail from all PBXs regardless of manufacturer or location. This includes call managers, contact centers, voice mail, and popular ACD systems.

Second, real-time rating provides accurate call type classification and billing for clustered VoIP deployment.

Third, network integration and reporting flexibility provides on-demand, scheduled, or real-time dashboards of call activity by dozens of call attributes. Additionally, network triggers create instant notification forms when anomalies occur allowing for quick response time.

Here are some additional features that set our UCM solution apart:

Fast Installation and Single-Click Upgrades
  • Installed in minutes and completely automated in less than an hour
  • Available as License Software or Software as a Service
  • Simple LDAP integration and automated synchronization
Innovative Features and Reporting Control
  • Point and click reporting with over 100 detail, summary, and executive report templates
  • Real-time monitoring with trend based notification methods
  • Integrated notification methods include email, POST Request, GET Request, SNMP Trap, report generation, and more
  • Trend-driven reporting and automated distribution
Highest Quality and Reliability
  • Automated collection, rating, analysis, LDAP directory synchronization, reporting, alarming & notification, and system maintenance - all running as Windows services
  • Automatic Tariff / V&H Delivery
  • Unlimited data retention and multiple levels of backup options
Flexible Management and Delegation
  • Security profiles by group or user-enabled restricted access to features, reports, and organizational structure partitioning
  • Web-based HTTPS Access using Windows, and LDAP Authentication
Unprecedented Scalability
  • Single repository for all call detail needs regardless of PBX manufacturer or wireless service provider
  • Unlimited Extensions and unlimited phone systems
  • IP Collection with real-time SSL relay
  • Geographic VoIP Clustering
  • International city names, currency, and time zone reconciliation

Industries and Markets We Support

As an organization TeleMate.Net Software prides itself in listening to our customers and recognizing market trends that maximize ROI and minimize personal interaction. In our third decade in business, TeleMate.Net Software has deployed more than 18,000 products in every market vertical. Leading verticals include

  • Health Care
  • Manufacturing
  • Finance / Banking / Insurance
  • Energy
  • Technology & Communications
  • Services / Call Centers
  • Advertising / Marketing Agencies
  • State / Local Government
  • Federal Agencies / DoD
  • Higher Education
  • Library & Community Facilities
  • Transportation
  • Retail
  • Service Providers